Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beauty Vlogs Part 1

As you know I've gotten into makeup/beauty skincare this year. And I've lost countless hours of sleep glued to beauty videos on youtube. Don't worry I wouldn't dare to become a makeup vlogger, I watch to admire their artistry and because I like their personality.

Farah Dhukai ( / IG: farahdhuka obsessed with this look)
My absolute favorite! It's hard to find BROWN girl beauty vloggers in the first place and her videos are high quality, to the point, and have full product listings. Absolutely stunning makeup makeup looks and pretty without. I'll never be at this make up level, but since we are similar skin tones I actually take note of products and lip colors she uses. Can't say enough goods things, LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Huda Kattan (
Hands down the Queen of Contouring & False Lashes. Very very Kardashian style, which is the reigning beauty look of now. I enjoy watching her GRWMs because you can see the BAM! moment of when she puts on her liner/lashes that she becomes Huda-fied. You do have to click between the videos and blog for the product listings though, which can be lacking if you want to know specific colors. Being Hollywood trained mua (including Mario), she's a wealth of knowledge--really knows her stuff.

A newer find for me, I discovered Nikkie's channel through Huda. Absolutely hysterical videos! The way she talks I thought she was American but she's from the Netherlands...? Ahhhmazing application. Look at that perfect flawless cheek scuplt. Another good video of hers too with half face makeup/no makeup. You do have to click through to blog for the product listing.

Had to put this one up too, so hilarious. And her no mirror is still better than everyone else on a normal day.


Do you have any favorite beauty channels?


  1. On Youtube: Vlogger and makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is mesmerizing to watch. Also Pixiwoo is a really fun duo. I know what you mean, I'll get hooked on a certain fashion or beauty idea or look. I'll stay up way late watching, reading, feeding my obsession, lol.

    1. Feeding the obsession lol, I can relate!! I like Pixi Woo too, Sam has the best technique and of course who doesn't own several real techniques brushes.

  2. Ha, exactly! I keep all my brushes upright in an empty Diptyque glass votive. I only use three (out of probably 15) brushes on a regular basis. :\

    1. I love their stippling brush, 1st RT brush I bought and just bought a 2nd recently. Ulta will have them on sale B1G50% from time to time.

  3. The things people can do with makeup! It's really quite amazing. Haven't gotten into the beauty vlogging yet, but never say never.

    Contouring is way beyond my capability, bit I can do a pretty good lazy smokey eye. I've also started filling in my brows, which has made a noticeable difference, now I can't leave home without it!

    In the end it's all about the skin though. I lived most of my life with problem skin, of course my mother and sister have perfect skin, and there's kind of an invisible line separating my previous from my clear-skin life.

    That's probably TMI, lol. Maybe I'll do a skincare post or something.

    1. yes do a skincare post. I'm curious about developing a lazy smoky eye too--there's quick video from Pixiwoo & Huda that make it look sooo easy. I think I can do a decent contour, this sephora palette makes it idiot proof.


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