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Fashion Resolutions 2015 Recap

Donna Karan SS 2003
Donna Karan - SS 2003 - ph: Craig McDean
It’s time for me to recap how I did on last year's fashion resolutions. The italics are what I wrote at the beginning of year.

1) Maintain A Wardrobe Suitable For My Real Life.
Give priority to purchasing “wear now” pieces. Remove pieces as needed. Alter items to make them wearable. Don’t buy/settle for “almosts.”

I did well here, I purchased clothing that was wearable and completed alterations. Some purchases I made were extraneous but thankfully inexpensive. I made significant cuts to my wardrobe, especially clearing out A LOT of coats/jackets, (bye-bye: black sateen coat, denim trench, leopard sateen trench, and black cotton trench). I cleared out designer items that I didn’t LOVE wearing (YSL velvet jacket, Dior Homme “The End” tee, La Perla bra) and some jewelry that I wasn’t wearing. Perhaps more importantly, I didn’t buy or was quick to return things that didn’t work out. I’m now going on 2 years with a Zara gift card…why Zara? Why? Why have you become so disappointing both online and IN-STORE??!! I will continue this resolution. However, as I’ve finally recovered from “The French Flu” I will continue my quest for a proper coat in 2016.

YSL Velvet SOLD!
Off to have new adventures with somebody else... ph: The Real Real

2) One in, out for heels
This kept me from purchasing ultimately useless heels last year.

I only purchased 1 pair of heels this year!—parting with the strappy cut out wedges. One in, one out has been working really well for me the past 2 years so I will continue.

3) Spend Less on Fashion Purchases
This includes jewelry, since I scratched 2 big ticket jewelry items off my list last year. I think it’s very do-able for me to stay on/under budget for this year.

Hmm….I was doing well and then I started a new job. But when I look at prior years my spending isn’t unreasonable in comparison. I made a whopping 60 purchases this year (bulk buys like underwear I only count once), and the 9 items that were over $100 were: YSL/Tom Ford era bag, Ejona Maci sweatshirt, Rick Owens x3, and Baccarat jewelry x4. My go-to shops for clothes are still F21, Target, and Gap.

Granted my fashion spreadsheet doesn’t include beauty purchases. I was tracking those separately for a while, but it just got too time consuming.

4) Shop Like A Tourist 
More in-store purchases.

I have a good mix of online & in-store purchases.

5) Develop a beauty regime
All the beautiful clothes in the world mean nothing if I look like a half-dead zombie. My brief foray into makeup this month has determined that aside for BB cream, it’s not for me. My beauty regime has to match my wardrobe routine, quick and fuss-free. Any insights for hyperpigmentation/Retinols/AHAs/dark circles, please share!

I had the most amazing, flawless skin in June/July when I was using glycolic pads and my Aveeno oatmeal lotion on my face. And the only makeup I wore then was some bright azz lipstick. Also eyebrow threading made me crazy happy. But then the new job, and adjusting to new 5 am wake up time, lack of sleep, wearing face makeup for fun, using too many different products, and waaaayyyyy too much candy, lead to THE SKIN APOCALYPSE. Thank God my skin is getting back on track. I’ve seen significant improvement, but with hyper pigmentation that comes with darker skin—the damage has been done. And hands down the the best beauty investments I made in 2015 was laser hair removal.


How did you do on your last year wardrobe resolutions?


  1. I had a bit of a skin apocalypse myself when I first started my new job, and it was very distressing. Luckily, it has calmed down a lot, even though my sleep schedule and overall diet are still not in excellent shape.

    It sounds like you did a lot of wardrobe editing this year that worked out very well! I'm finding that with my new job, I don't have half as much time to really keep editing down my wardrobe as I used to. (Although I've gone through several rounds, there's always more to be done, partially because I have a hard time really editing down my work wardrobe.)

  2. What an honest assessment ! Good job on the items you let go.

    A question : Do you find Zara more disappointing than f21/gap/target ?

    I had my best skin when I used Retin-A. I stopped using it when I realized how non-natural it is. But its my go to for when I need a kickstart. My dad is a dermatologist and I borrow a sample from his office to use for a week or two. Korean skincare is pretty amazing too, from my experience. Sk2 eye cream did wonders to my dark circles, which i could remmbr to use it.

    Please do a post on jewellry. I like your style and wonder what sort of jewellry you wear with your clothes. That is an area I am looking to make a wish list and start my research.

    1. I can consistently find things in F21, Gap, Target vs. Zara I have not been able to find anything in the past 2 years. Online is too trend of the moment, and in-store the fits are just not there for me.

      I will keep in mind a jewelry post. Honestly, the only jewelry I wear on a daily is my watch. But I love Baccarat and have amassed quite a collection, but it's not often that I wear it because the pieces are fragile.

  3. What a thorough and clear-headed review. I always admire your shopping self-restraint and capacity to get rid of what's not working out anymore. That's also one of my timeless resolutions, I think it helps staying in the "game" to constantly assess and reassess what you own, need, buy. I find it healthy and stimulating.

    I'm also very curious of the glycolic pads, so much so that I was googling the brands to try. Any suggestions? I was very wary of anything acid since my Black skin is very sensitive. I will also look up SK2 eye cream that Archana recommended because dark circles, especially in winter, just put my mood down!

    1. I started with Dr Altchek Glycolic Renewal Pads. And I got unsolicited compliments on my skin with this. This was when I had that amazing skin in the summer. I definitely noticed my skin was brighter. And this is relatively inexpensive product--costs more than drug store but not Sephora price. I have the face wash from this brand too, it's nice but nothing special enough for me to rebuy. In the US we have a store called Ulta where one side of the store is drugstore brands and the other 1/2 has premium/salon brands. Ulta stopped carrying this brand, so I didn’t rebuy when I finished. (The packaging is also very similar to the Dennis Gross line too.)

      And when my skin was awful I bought the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Daily Peel, because it was less expensive than a VIPeel treatment from my esthetician. I went a little to ham on this using it every/every other day and noticed my forehead was getting a weird texture so I scaled back. Maybe I use it once or 2x (if I can remember) a week. I bought the Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, which I've been using as a spot treatment so far. I don't use it regularly enough to notice a difference, it’s stupid because it’s pricey so I’m “scared” to use it. When I finish my Dennis pads, I may go back to Dr Altchek or try out the Nip Fab line.

      Sorry for the 2345845804 page comment. The best improvements I made for my skin are “free” though: SLEEP, not eating 345454787 pieces of candy a day, sunlight, and exercise.

    2. Thanks for the complete answer! Will look up those brands to see if they're available in France/Europe! Agree about sleep, exercise and sensible diet! :))

  4. i think your ability to tease out gems from F21, and your ability to find your holy grail items on ebay and such is amazing - it takes a patient, disciplined mind!

  5. Great job sticking to your resolutions! Must check out those glycolic pads. At the moment I'm using a very good retinol serum by Peter Thomas Roth, but I remember my limited experience with glycolic acid has yielded results. My skin is behaving at the moment though, so I'm always torn between trying new things and sticking to what works! With all the beauty blogs out there there's never a shortage of 'things I want to try' lol.

    I cut down my closet quite a bit, too, and I think your 'buy to wear' rather than 'buy to collect' is something I should adopt.


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