Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wardrobe MVPs of 2015

Wardrobe MVPs 2015
These are the 2015 additions that became instant hits and I found myself reaching for constantly. Not intentional that everything is all black!

Ejona Maci black asymmetric sweatshirt:
Absolutely loved this, wore it casual, to the gym, to yoga class, rock climbing, universal studios, and I know something is good when I travel with it. This piece further inspired me to clean out my more colorful casual wear, since all too often I reach for these all black errrrrthing Rick Owens-esque looks.

Helmut Lang black asymmetric sweater
Love my Ejona Maci version so much I bought this work/dressier version. Again I know something is good when I travel with it.

Club Monaco black cotton pants
I needed new work pants and these are machine washable and required no alterations. I also have them in gray, but black is black.

Target black tees
I love Target tees. I stocked up on these at different times through the year whenever I saw a good sale.

Target black sweatpants
Super comfortable. I bought these for the gym but ended up wearing them out, to sleep, on the plane... again you know its good when I travel with it.

Joes Jeans black wax jeans
I wore these constantly--practically exclusively. These replaced my Used waxed jeans that were beat to crap. Except these are far softer and more comfortable.

Donald Pliner black calf hair knot flats
I admired these for years, I'm glad I finally bought them. These are replacing my beloved and officially retired black Kenneth Cole "Button Up" flats.

Rick Owens black draped cardigan
Wasn't even thinking about it when I saw it on a sale price too good to pass up. Darn you internet cookies! Plus Saks was running one of those gift card promos which I used to knock down the price on a NARS Ita brush.

Rick Owens black draped skirt
A signature RO Grecian/Egyptian draped piece I had been on the look out for. This pairs beautifully with the draped cardigan or HL sweater and my cage heels, black sandals, or Pliner flats.

Gap Body bras and underwear
Can't go wrong with Gap Body. Again I know it's good when I travel with it. (Not pictured)

Asics sneakers
Super comfortable and understated cool. And they didn't slouch on the design, even the sole is cool.

F21 black double slit tunic
Super comfortable and easy to throw on piece. I wear the front part knotted if I'm wearing flats. Another piece I traveled in.

I'm stopping here for my wardrobe because there is an Urban Outfitters black body suit and Nordstrom black wool/cashmere sweater purchased later in the year that are really yummy and comfortable to wear.  I'll try to put together a beauty MVP soon. What were your wardrobe 2015 MVPs?


  1. Nice post. Made me think about my own.

    I wore out all of my Zara clothes last year. When I started wearing them often, they fell apart and I have none of my 2015 closet MVP's left.

    But from what's left : APC little blue dress, Madewell chambray dress, everlane silk shirts in navy and gray, cuyana long sleeve tshirts in navy and black and black Porselli ballet flats.

    1. zara's fits/styles have been disappointing to me so much lately, that I'm not familiar with the quality of their newer stuff. But I have stuff from zara that are years old, worn constantly that are still going strong.

  2. Such great picks and it feels so good to love and wear over and over again clothes at the same time! What I bought in 2015 and wore constantly were my Gap off white cords, Uniqlo and Lemaire merino dress, APC summer sandals, Zara coats.

  3. I might end up nicking your post idea later--it's a great idea. I bought Birkenstock Milanos (they have the ankle strap) in the back but a bit late in the year, so I didn't get as much wear out of them. But I suspect I will turn to them soon. Winter doesn't last long in California.

  4. I love Target's 'tissue' tees - they're perfect in the winter, too, under sweaters that are a bit scratchy.

    My wardrobe MVPs last year were two CdG sweaters - a men's cotton stripe-y one, very thick, even though it's cotton I've worn it this winter, and a light gray Play cardigan, kind of no-brainers when I'm a bit lazy but don't want to look like too much of a slob!

    1. Do you ever use Uniqlo Heattech/something equivalent to layer?

  5. Great pieces and everything looks so comfortable! Most of my pieces were really in neutral colors; I think my most favourite was unexpectedly a striped sweater that I bought because I needed a shirt, not because I think it fit anywhere in my wardrobe (but let me clarify that it did not stick out like a sore thumb lol) .. one of my best purchases ever.


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