Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Windshield Wipers

gucci 1116
I've been hungering for those oversized straight top rectangular sunglasses since the dawn of the new Kim, but haven't found the right combination of aesthetic/fit/brand . The last time I fell in love with sunglasses was in 2010! So when I tried on these Guccis at the Solstice outlet, I hesitated because well...am I a Gucci girl? But months went by and they were still lingering in the back of my mind. I even looked for them during an impromptu weekend in Orlando last month but they only had the silly color combination. And then 9 months at work and somehow getting promoted, and darn it I deserved to celebrate! I hopped in my car, and got to Sawgrass and an hour & a half before closing and it was meant to be that they were sitting right there in the case waiting for me. An extra bonus: its case is thoughtfully designed to fold flat.
So MASSIVE and ridiculous. I'm obsessed.


  1. Stunning! :P do they get heavy or are they fairly manageable?

  2. They look fantastic! And you can surreptitiously check out people's outfits when you're out and about, lol.

    You have a great face shape for glasses, I think in those guides they always say oval-shaped is the best.

    I probably have the worst shape, wide and round, plus no nose bridge to hold them up! Ah well, gotta work with what you've got.

  3. you look awesome in them, and congrats on the promotion! I really do like the detail of the collapsible case that Gucci has - wile I don't own any of their sunglasses, I do appreciate this very much!


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