Sunday, April 24, 2016

You'd Think Tom Ford Was Back...

Since I just don't care about runway anymore I have these vague knowledge of what goes on in FASHION! And I know that Gucci has had a new designer since they got rid of the what's her name, I can't remember right now. The one after Tom Ford that was dating the boss...? I remember the first time I saw the very Tom Ford era looking Dionysus bag and then Gucci stores starting springing up and then I would see a pair of shoes here and there and file it in the back of my mind that Gucci getting cool again...?
tom ford gucci vs. gucci now
Tom Ford Era vs. Now

When I passed by the Gucci outlet recently, a bamboo handle tote caught my eye, which led to me looking into what else Gucci had to offer. I always liked Gucci's signature bamboo detail and I'm pretty impressed by their "Quietly Gucci" Bamboo Daily line. They have a cleaner modern look with minimal branding/flourishes that flies under the radar. I can't ignore their cooler version of the Kelly. I've seen a pale pink one pop up in TJMaxx!, and while I would never go for that colorway, it gave me a chance to inspect it. Overall it seemed a mix of beauty and functionality with its nice heft, magnetic expandable sides, and sturdy canvas interior. While I'm content with my handbag collection, the Bamboo Daily line deserves a mental earmark.
gucci bamboo

Any one else feeling the new Gucci?


  1. I am totally feeling the new Gucci. For the first time since falling in love with Hermès, I'm studying another line of bags. That Dionysius is gorgeous, and I plan to take a serious look at it while here in Paris. But to have found a pale pink Gucci Kelly bag! I die. I also like that design very much, though I've not yet examined it close. A task for the coming week?

    In the Gucci windows flanking the street coming out of the Madeleine, there is an embroidered sequined dress that stopped me in my tracks the other day. It was like the late '90s had finally returned, when over the top gorgeousness could be found in the Parisian windows, rather than the chic (and lovely) of today. Sigh. I would so like to become a Gucci girl. :)

  2. Yes, I am so very interested in the Bamboo Daily line and have been eying it for the second year in a row. My quandary is: I like the "Kelly" bag best in colour, (the bamboo closure seems to stand out best) but I am not in love with any of the current colours. Red is the nicest, but in 2015 there was a coral colour, which I am now regretting not buying. On the other hand, black is certainly most useful. And finally a request for Aestethic Alterations: I comment on your blog as AV. Please cast your sophisticated eye over the Bamboo line! Any thoughts (or a blog post) would be very much appreciated. AV

    1. The coral sounds like a beautiful colorway. Perhaps call around to the outlets or the resale options (The Real Real, etc..) to see if the coral pops up. I agree that the red allows the bamboo to stand out more. And Gucci red is "just right" in my opinion; not too bright that it becomes tiresome and not too dark that it's not distinguishable. But yes, black is always practical and it depends how much one can tolerate noticeable "glue" which I think Hermes is heinously guilty of in my opinion no matter what fancy name they call it. In a perfect world I would choose the red in the kelly and black in the tote. But I did spy a pale grey in the tote (albeit from outside the shop window) that looked enticing too.

    2. Dear Pret a Porter, thanks for replying! I trust your taste and discerning eye and agree with you 100% regarding the Gucci red. Thinking about pulling the trigger now... Cheers, AV

  3. Yes I love the new Gucci I've been feeling the same I just purchased a new floral turban Gucci headband....I will have to do a blog on it soon! Love this post so on the same page


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