Sunday, November 6, 2016

Blogs Gone By

I've had this post in the back of mind for a while now and I can't believe I'm been around long enough for this walk along memory lane:
chain-jacket via (original) luxirare 
She made that.
ph: (the original) Luxirare

LUXIRARE: THE QUEEN, THE OG. No drama please. Luxirare was slaying everybody before slaying was even a thing. Someone else has since taken over the name (some people are fooled, don't be one of them), but there is some internet magic that will let you access the original.

Modelizing: mainly NYC shop windows. The limited tumblr version still exists.

Antique-Gold-Sphere: I believe this also used to be called Chic-something (In search of chic??? maybe). I believe she was from the UK and had a French chic style--but not in that Jane Birkin way--more of the modern Geraldine Saglio/Melanie Huynh vibe. She wore black little dresses and impeccable accessories: the elusive Dries Van Noten African flat sandals, YSL Pilati era suede tasseled flat loafers, Pamela Love gold claw bracelet, Balenciaga Perfecto leather jacket to name a few. Understated luxury, thoughtful consumption, and ahead of its time, preluded blogs like Dead Fleurette.

Grey The Blog: a lover of the Rick Owens/Ann Demeulemeester aesthetic. She had an adorable grey hound too. The tumblr still exists.

00oo0: the title was something like that. Definitely not a minimalist, he had gorgeous luggage (mostly Vuitton) and shoes.

Man Front: What's the men's equivalent for chic? Whatever it is, it's him. Impeccable taste overall, especially in shoes. Thankfully Man Front lives on in Instagram.

What blogs from the past do you reminisce about?


  1. I totally remember Luxirare! And Dead Fleurette was always a favorite. I used to like Rumi Neely's blog waaay back when, when she used to run her vintage/thrift shop on eBay.

    1. Didn't you have one of the Luxirare cuffs? They were so cool. Yes I remember those Rumi days, wayyy back when before blogging became commercialized. Heck I even remember when Nasty Gal was an ebay shop!

  2. I always really liked a history of architecture, search party, assembled hazardly, frockstyle... Even though many were not exactly my style, these women all had a interesting, considered viewpoints and were professionally successful, often within academia and that was inspiring.

    The other blogs I miss are a little more varied - grey garden who got me into Jerome Dreyfuss and always made a compelling case for the more understated IM, Marti (I forget her blog's name) who was obsessed with Mayle, and a girl who used to live in Philadelphia (and might now be this young wino? but if so the blog is very different now). My memory is terrible!

  3. First off, yay for finally being able to comment on your blog after all these years of reading :)
    I loved Luxirare. Everything she did was amazing. The things she designed, the photography and styling. Most blogs that I used to read still exist. I mostly miss the early days of blogging :(

  4. Luxirare is still there but it's so different now. It's less about her creative process and much more about the list of things to do/wear/be.

    1. Yes someone else took over the name, not affliated with the original creator.

  5. I really miss this NYC-based blogger, Fops and Dandies, who shut down her blog around 2008 or 2009. She had fairly quirky style. Her blog was really inspiring to me! I think she shut it down when she was about to go to law school in another city.


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