Sunday, December 18, 2016

Another Skincare Update: Monday-Friday Core

core skincare

Usually by the time I do a skincare post (or any kind of post for that matter) it’s already outdated. While some things are still the same from the last post, other things that I was testing out have become routine. This is my core Monday-Friday routine.

After showering I apply DermaE Evenly Radiant Brightening Serum all over my face and neck. I am on my 2nd bottle of this and I travel with it as well. I'm convinced this serum rapidly healed my post-TCA peel scaring. Then I layer moisturizer on top usually CeraVe PM or a pinch of Aveeno Ezcema lotion. When I travel I take Aveeno since it does double duty for face and body. I dap Habo Labo Skin Plumping Gel Cream underneath my eyes--I don't know if this does anything. But I use it to get rid of it and it's the only area I can apply it without it giving me weird under the skin bumps. I go about my morning routine: breakfast, fajr prayer, getting dressed, etc...

Once I get back upstairs I apply my sunscreen with a drop of Smashbox BB water (Medium/Dark). My current one is Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen SPF 30 which has a nice matte finish and does not leave a cast. Previously I was using the not good SPF 55 version which flaked off and settled into fine lines. Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30 works as well if I want a "dewy" look. I notice my skin feels super soft at the end of the day when I wash off the Aveeno.  But the Neutrogena is my never fail sunscreen so I take it to travel.

A couple times a week before bed, I'm back to using Altchek MD Glycolic Renewal Pads. I used these back when I had the best skin ever last summer.

Also the most major change: I finally discovered what triggered by mysterious eczema of the past 2 years! 2 years ago I switched from drinking (cow) milk to almond milk. Not for any reason other than dairy would make my stomach grumble during the day and I liked the taste of almond milk better. A few months ago, I stopped drinking almond milk just as an experiment---and I have not had eczema flare ups since. My ezcema was at a point where my  arms and elbows would be raw and itchy and my knees and thighs would itch. It never occurred to me that it must have been some kind of allergic reaction to almond milk all along. Now I use lactose free dairy in my cereal. While I miss Trader Joe's almond milk--so delicious especially golden warm with honey and turmeric, I definitely don't miss the eczema. It's interesting because dairy gets such a bad wrap, but that is why skincare is so personal.

As you can see my core skincare products are all basically drug store. The high end skincare from Sephora (Dr. Dennis Gross, Drunken Elephant) didn't do me any favors. I buy DermaE from Whole Foods, but I see it at Ulta now as well. Altchek I buy from Kohls, especially when they have Buy One, Get the 2nd for $1. Nip + Fab and Pixie sell similar glycolic pads that I haven't tried, both drug store products as well.

What skincare products are part of your core routine?

**3.15.2017 update: this post has been updated to contain some affiliate links; however, I purchased all the following products myself and the opinions are my own**


  1. Very interesting and surprising that almond milk was causing your eczema! My skin's had some unexpectedly odd reactions to things over time: Fish Oil pills cause me to break out and well, I think dairy products do contribute to my acne, but I've not been able to cut them out. (I've switched up my skincare routine a bit, and I'm more or less acne-free now, whether because of my body changing over time or because of the new products.)

    My current skincare routine is also extremely drugstore product-heavy (though a lot of the products are drugstore or drugstore-priced items from Japan or Korea).

  2. So interesting about the almond milk! I'm lactose intolerant so I stick to soy milk, although there are a few articles out there now saying soy is bad for you. Sometimes I get tired of all these conflicting reports...

    My skin has been amazing lately, (aside from my monthly flare-up), but I've been trying four different products at the same time so I have no idea which one to give credit for my good skin, lol! I think it's the Paula's choice skin perfecting 2% BHA exfoliant, which I use at night, and the Pixi Glow Tonic (glycolic) toner from Target, which I use during the day, which have really been great for my skin. Supposedly you can use both BHA and AHA at once but it seems like a lot so I just use one in the morning and the other at night.

    I've also been using The Ordinary's Buffet solution and the Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% to try and get rid of some lingering acne scars. The Buffet solution I don't think does anything too noteworthy, but then again I have oily, non-Caucasian skin so wrinkles aren't really a big problem. I think once I finish with the serum I'm going to give one of their Retinoid or Matrixyl serums a try. I do like the Acid Suspension, I think it does help with the discolorations.

    I use CeraVe lotion as well, both the day and night ones, and I've been loyal to La Roche Posey's Anthelios ulta light sunscreen for several years now, and I'm glad I can buy it in drugstores now too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I know the Pixi Glow tonic is a youtube favorite. Please keep us updated on The Ordinary, I prefer to buy beauty products in-store so I am waiting until they have more stockist in the US.

  3. I just started using Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel pads. Honestly, I see a difference. But, they are soo expensive. After reading your post, I want to try Altchek Glycolic Pads instead. A big part of skincare is trial and error for me. It is frustrating to navigate through all the paid promotions and posts across the internet.


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