Monday, January 9, 2017

Outfit Recap Sept to Dec 2016

Final 2016 outfit recaps. As usual, anything in bold was purchased in 2016.

Rick Owens dress; H&M leggings; Balenciaga shoes; Kenneth Cole bag
Rick Owens tunic; H&M suede pants; Asics sneakers; Kenneth Cole bag
Rick Owens tunic; Baccarat necklace; Papercrown pants; Tahari boots; Vuitton bag

Helmut Lang sweater; F21 skirt; Balenciaga shoes; Vuitton bag
Helmut Lang blazer; Club Monaco turtleneck; Rick Owens pants; Tahari boots
Rick Owens tunic; H&M suede pants; Del Toro shoes

 travel style:
Rick Owens hoodie; Banana Republic pants; Asics sneakers
Target sweater; Banana Republic pants; Asics sneakers; LeSportsac bag; Bric's luggage
O'Neil jacket; Target sweater; H&M suede pants; Asics sneakers; Kenneth Cole bag

Rick Owens Tornado dress
trying to find a matching sweater (before alterations)
w/ All Saints sweater; Vuitton bag; Baccarat ring; Balenciaga shoes
w/ 3 Dots sweater; J.Crew sandals

Black Fleece shirt dress; Bvlgari ring; 9W boots; Kenneth Cole bag
Banana Republic tunic (10+ years old); Old Navy tank; H&M suede pants; Kenneth Cole shoes
Brooks Bros sweater; H&M pants; Kenneth Cole shoes


  1. I adore your monochromatic looks! And kudos to you for wearing all white. I always accidentally spill something whenever I wear white for some reason. But not when I wear dark colors >.<

  2. My comments always seem to get lost in spam :( I pretty much wrote a whole post about how much I lover those outfits. Hopefully, this one will go through. The White Rick Owens dress is so beautiful. I cannot even imagine pulling it off with such ease. You wear it so well. That Rick Owens tunic and Helmut Lang Blazer look so good on you! Are those the Gucci glasses you were talking about?

    1. thank you. Those are my Gucci sunglasses--so nice I had to buy them 2x. I damaged them on vacation and could not live without them.

    2. What I most love about your choices, is that there is this subtle theatricality, that makes your outfits so interesting. And you dress your figure beautifully! I feel like you could wear these same outfits in twenty years, and they will still look unique and ahead of the curve, and not at all dated.

    3. "subtle theatricality" thank you so much :) It is one of the many things that I love about Rick Owens, in addition I feel RO fits my body type and my own mental image if how I want to look.

  3. Your RO tunics are amazing!


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