Monday, January 2, 2017

Style Resolutions 2017: The French 5

As I am trying to rack my brain to make personal new year resolutions, my wardrobe is the area I can easily make one. This year I am going to try out the French 5 Piece Wardrobe. My version is not going to downsize my wardrobe to only X pieces, but in which I only buy 5 pieces a season = 20-25 pieces per year. I won't pretend my intentions are humanitarian or tree-hugging, it's more because I make an "obscene" (well over 40+) amount of clothing/accessories purchases every year and yet I seem to wear the same damn things.

I know some versions of the French 5 don't include "basics." In my case I will include basics because a significant chunk of my annual purchases are simple tees/tanks. I admire the discipline of bloggers like Sartreuse and others that adhere to the French 5. While I do consider my purchases, I admit I am at times frivolous with cheap thrills. I admire how French 5-ers choose between A), B), or C) whereas I chose D) all of the above. Adhering to a strict list, means each piece has to earn its slot. For me that means wasting a slot on black tee becomes a lot less desirable.The only slight exception is multiples of underwear under $30 will count as one. Even though I love Gap Body they are admittedly boring and distinctly lack black, so one-offs will count towards the list.

All in all, 2016 revealed an inexcusable lack of discipline in my own behavior. I am not getting any younger and God probably doesn't find my behavior so "cute." As style is the only motivation for my existence, I am hoping imposing this set of rules will bleed into other areas of my life.

What are your style resolutions for 2017?


  1. Out of all the reasons that I heard for doing the French 5, I like yours. Honest..

  2. I'm looking forward to read your experience on the 5pfw. Good luck! As for myself, I want to upgrade my work wardrobe so that I look more put together rather than looking like I'm going to school everyday. Also to try to only purchase easy to wash garments. I can't do the whole fragile fabrics care thing. One cashmere sweater is plenty for me. I just want to throw everything in the machine! Hehehehe

  3. In what ever variation, I find this challenge a 'noble intention'. Hope its a wonderful experience.

  4. I'm excited to read about your process. That way of shopping and wardrobe building has definitely influenced other parts of my life as well because I became more interested in a minimalistic way of life. There's still a lot of room for progress but before we move to our new place in March, I'm going to do a big clean out for a fresh start.

  5. for some reason i shopped an obscene amount last year too - nearly one item a week, excluding necessary replacements like undies. i'm not sure if a 5pfw approach is the way to go for me -- i'm not one for lists and i know my reason for excessive shopping (work stress) isn't going to be solved by making one. but perhaps doing something is better than doing nothing!


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