Saturday, February 25, 2017

Enough is enough (atleast for now...)

Enough 1
Coats L to R: Rick Owens, Dior Homme, BCBGeneration x 2, Missoni/Target x 2

Inspired by Things we don't need to buy (ever, or for a while) thread on tpf and my present purge mode, there are certain categories in my wardrobe where I feel content that I have enough of enough. As a disclaimer my enough is enough threshold may be higher or lower than someone else's. I'm a minimalist in other areas of my life--my wardrobe is not one of them.

I downsized several coats from my wardrobe in the last few years. I owned too many coats for living in the tropics and even before the purge, none of them were sufficient for rain or fall/winter travels. I now added in 2 coats, one wool and one for rain.

Still perfectly content with these 3 watches: white ceramic, steel/rose gold two-tone, and black leather band with white/silver face.

Trouser socks
When I do wear socks, footies or sneaker socks are usually sufficient for my needs.

Hair elastics
Oddly enough I won a giveaway many many years ago and I am still set for life.

Black is my eternal weakness (enough really is enough) and my whites and stripes are sufficient. With other colors, I buy, then I don't wear, then I purge. Then for some reason, I end up repurchasing to fill a gap, and the cycle repeats. Moral of the story: it's rare when I wear a tee that isn't black, white, or striped.

My wrists are too small and I don't wear them enough to add any more.

My tastes in jeans are fairly classic, I like a low-rise, slim fit in a normal color without rips or jazzy back pockets. I have 6 pairs total: dark wash flare, medium blue boot cut (for nostalgia), dark wash slim, medium blue slim, white slim, and my wildcard black wax.

Wallets/Small Leather Goods
Having 3 wallets and plenty of those little zippered pouches, I cannot justify more.

3 is enough.

Have not bought a bag since 2015. I am content, for now...


What do you have enough of?


  1. Those two coats on the right, especially the colorful one, are gorgeous.

    I have plenty of white t-shirts with some black pattern (whenever I feel like I need a layer, I end up buying a white t-shirt with black pattern, lol) and sweaters. I'm a sucker for woollen, cashmere or all other soft sweaters. Whenever I see some for a good price, I buy it because you never know when you need them, right... But that's a kind of thinking that got me to my excesses, haha.

    1. Considering you live somewhere cold, the sweaters can be justifiable. ;)

  2. Such a good question.

    I think I have enough of everything but shoes and jewellry. Ofcourse I have enough of shoes too, but I give myself a free pass to expand my shoe collection. Everything else, I have already built. Ironically, i started building my wardrobe with work out clothes. Then silk shirts. Then jeans. Then dresses. Now, I am at peace for the most part.

    1. I think it's true that a lot of us in this style community, have enough of everything but these are the categories where I don't have any desire to add more--except black tees, in this case it's an attempt to curb.

      Why did you choose silk over cotton shirts? And how do you care for your silk shirts?

  3. probably everything. but namely - jeans, shirts, and dresses. and trainers! i made a similar "do not buy" list on my phone too, and it's shockingly how often i'm tempted to break them.

    your coat collection is wonderfully versatile - feels like they suit a range of moods!

    1. Thank you, it feels good to have a coat collection that is streamlined to better suit my needs.

  4. Aside from black blazers, the other category I have too much of is button-down shirts. I think the problem is I buy new shirts to keep from wearing out my favorite ones!


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