Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rick Owens 2016 Haul

Finally getting around to posting and recapping some of 2016. I tried to film a version of this, but after not being happy with the footage I will stick to plain old blogging. I thought my Rick Owens pieces from 2016 deserved its own category apart from my overall MVPs of 2016. Despite having a full closet, I gravitated towards the Rick Owens section in my downtime last year. I'm also including 2 non-RO pieces from last year that compliment the RO aesthetic. Since these don't always have the best hanger appeal, I wore them all at some point in my last outfit post.

RO 2016 Haul- 1
Rick Owens Lilies Tornado white maxi dress - This is the mama to my shorter tunic Tornado that I love so much. When the box arrived and the grey tote it came with made me so sincerely happy. I had Moroccan visions in this dress, but it ended up being too cold and too dirty to wear it any where but one evening in the hotel. My God I will never tire of looking at this dress, it really is too beautiful.

3 Dots white cardigan- I bought this specifically to pair with my Tornado since the drape and collar echo the RO aesthetic so well and also because I don't wear short anything in public ever.

RO 2016 Haul- 2
Rick Owens bias black pants - These were a definite MVP of 2016. Despite the bias pants being a signature staple that gets produced year after year (fabric varies depending on the season), I wasn't compelled until I saw them on someone @ RO Miami wearing it with the beater tank. So beautiful, elegant, and flattering, as bias cuts are meant to be (think Galliano-era Dior slip dresses). Whenever I wear these I feel like the Yves Saint Laurent woman in the alleyway

Simply Vera black cardigan - If you're familiar with the Simply Vera (Vera Wang) line you may have noticed that some of their pieces echo RO. I've even seen them churn out some Naska-esque jackets very recently. Anyway, this pairs nicely with the bias pants and serves as a replacement for a destroyed F21 version I bought eons ago. Still Available here.

RO 2016 Haul- 3
Rick Owens Drkshdw black asymmetric tunic- Like the Tornado and bias pants this is another piece that I've seen reproduced over the years. That's why with RO (or any designer for that matter) I rarely if ever look at anyone's runway shows. This and any of my RO tunics pair well with my black wax, suede, or leather bottoms.

Rick Owens Fall 2014 Moody tunic- Now this is a departure from what I usually go for when shopping for RO. You'll find me after the distinctive, year after year, season after season pieces. But there are those rare occasions when not only WHOLLY GRAIL but RUNWAY find their way to me. I fell in love with this hard via Net A Porter, which is not hard to do, let's be honest their headless model makes everything look amazing and their styling is always on point. But I did not even consider it seriously since it was way out of my stratosphere. Then it went down to Outnet, still another planet, and once it hit The Real was still a splurge but the love was too strong. The hanger does not even do this justice, since the back has a mile long zipper that hugs the curve of the spine. I'm not good at romanticizing with words, but this is one of those pieces that garners compliments because the design is so striking yet somehow coasts right under the radar.

Did you pick up any Rick Owens or your favorite brands last year?
Also I've been giving Pret a little nip tuck, let me know if you prefer the larger images and thank you for reading.


  1. You have an exquisite taste regarding drape of cloths. These pieces and those you posted in "Outfit Recap Sept to Dec 2016" are really beautiful.
    I love the drapes but due to my petite figure I can't manage to pull it off so gracefully like taller people do; instead, I opt for more "architectural", tailored garments, with fixed lines and "geometric" sewing. (Not sure how to express the more "exact" feeling of my clothes vs. yours. The last picture is the nearest to what I'm trying to say. :) )

    1. Thank you. But I am not tall, I'm average height. I know what you mean about geometric cuts, I like tailored pieces but I live somewhere hot and humid year around so I gravitate more towards drapey easy to care for pieces over time.

  2. The moody tunic is gorgeous! Is there a pic of you wearing it somewhere? I owned a pair of RO bias pants at one point but I eventually sold them, they were not very slimming on me. Loved how they felt though.

    1. Yes, it's in my last outfit post, link in the top paragraph. :)

  3. I'm curious - how do you generally find the sizing on RO pieces to run?

    1. The brand caters to slim women. According to the size conversions on their tags it runs small.
      IT 38 = US 4 (really a size 0)
      IT 40 = US 6 (really a size 0-2).
      For reference I'm IT 38 in RO, but occasionally I can get away with a 40.
      Hope this helps!

    2. Thanks! Seeing your pieces has caused me to peruse through the RO selection on the RealReal - probably dangerous = )


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