Sunday, February 19, 2017

Wardrobe MVPs 2016

Wardrobe MVPs 2016

VS wireless bras
I cleaned out my ill-fitting (mostly VS!) bras and these were some replacements. I'd prefer to gravitate away from VS, but they are admittedly convenient and Gap Body (though better quality) can be too boring or too "pretty" for my tastes. I know bralettes are a thing now, but how do you navigate the show-through factor? If you have recommendations for other brands let me know.

Gucci 1116/S Sunglasses
Without a doubt the #1 MVP of 2016. These are actually my second pair. Yes, so nice, I bought them twice. I stupidly damaged the first pair on vacation and these are too essential to my existence as a human being to be without them. I'm not joking.

Kenneth Cole Tracy flats
These also did not survive Morocco, so I'm on my 2nd pair. Technically I bought these 3x last year since I also have a navy suede version. The black are still available here.

H&M black suede pants/leggings
Instant wardrobe staple, perfect with any of my Rick Owens tunics and I know its good when take it to travel.

Tahari black neoprene ankle boots
A spontaneous TJ Maxx find. You know how the shoes tend to be next to the beauty products? That's how these happened. Once I got over my buyer's guilt, I found myself wearing them quite often--especially with my RO bias pants. Very comfortable and very me.

H&M black trousers
Nothing wow here, just basic black trousers to replace a worn to death pair and H&M carries pants that actually (and consistently) fit me

F21 long camis in black and beige: (not pictured) 
longer ones to replace the ones that kept riding up.

Gap Body teal racerback bra (not pictured)
I wish this was black!!! Teal is fine though.

Uniqlo Airism, Heattech black men's tees (not pictured)
Because the women's ones were always sold out, I resorted to ordering the men's. Being a looser fit I can't determine if the Heattech was particularly great at keeping me warm or the Airism was particularly great at keeping me cool. But I wear black tees virtually everyday so naturally these became part of the rotation.


Overall my MVPs are subtle basic pieces, which is the foundation of my wardrobe. But because I reached a point where I have them in excess, I am now including them into my French 5 count for 2017.

What were your MVPs of 2016?


  1. You always rave about those ballet flats. I need to go check them out sometime. I have been on a hunt for good flats for what seems like a decade. I love my Jil Sanders pair but they are not a permeant style.

    1. I have been wearing Kenneth Cole (New York) leather goods for over a decade now, very under-rated brand.


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