Thursday, June 15, 2017

Packing for Jordan

After 2 trips with questionable packing decisions, I promised myself that my next trip I would pack sensibly versus with my whimsy. I’ve now accepted traveling is a break in my daily routine, so aesthetic compromises must be made. Not to mention that I travel carry-on only, so traveling light is a must. I’m proud of myself when I don’t have to run out shopping before a trip. Butttt…. I still get the itch for something new “just because” for travel. I know logically this has proven to lead to over packing useless things and duplication in my wardrobe when so much of what I wear is already similar.

For Jordan, I’m giving myself a pat on the back for packing sensibly and all with existing items in my closet. Packing required very honest editing to streamline my suitcase, which meant passing on items that I usually bring along:

Travel Pieces
travel items that didn't make the cut

- Alexander McQueen x Samsonite trolley: limited space that requires packing "just so"

- Lesportsac Medium Travel Tote: perfect for air travel but I didn’t want to have to pack a 2nd day bag

- Rick Owens DRKSHDW druid hoodie: retiring this for travel. Too bulky and doesn’t keep me warm

- Calypso x Target makeup train case: too bulky when filled

- Tablet: Horrible battery life and I spend international flights watching movies anyway

So what did I pack?

Jordan Travel 2017
travel items that made the cut


 - Bric's olive carry-on: Roomy with outer pockets. That said, I do sacrifice weight for space, so must avoid the temptation to over pack.

- Kenneth Cole black cross-body camera bag: I’ve had this baby for 11 years now and she has traveled all over with me.

- H&M black patent geometric clutch: this is technically a makeup bag, but I like it as a clutch


- BCBGeneration olive anorak: matches the Bric's and fits into the outer pocket. Lightweight but still warm enough for the cooler desert evenings.

- Ejona Maci black asymmetric sweatshirt

- O'Neil black zip up hoodie rash guard: didn't end up swimming but doubles as a jacket

- F21 black crochet sleeve duster


- Gap Factory black boat neck cotton sweater

- RO DRKSHDW black asymmetric draped tunic

- Old Navy black high neck tank

- Kingsley olive "guitar tree" graphic tee

- Target heather grey waffle long sleeve tee

- All Saints black merino ribbed sweater

- F21 black cami: didn't wear but handy to have


- Banana Republic black slouchy pants: very easy to hand wash and hang dry!

- Zara black slouchy pants

- Old Navy black active leggings: didn't end up swimming but double as sleepwear


- Asics black sneakers

- Del Toro black velvet slippers

- cheapo Chinese slipper: didn't use but handy to have.


- Urban Outfitters olive keffiyeh scarf

- white ceramic watch: bezel came off in the short period of adjusting the time after landing and meeting my driver. Maybe I banged it on something when getting my luggage out of the overhead bin. :/ This is the 2nd or 3rd time I've had to replace the bezel.

- Gucci sunglasses

That is my functional and hopefully chic travel style. I'm happy I was able to sneak in one Rick Owens piece. Morocco taught me that sh!t very literally does happen so a 2nd pair of shoes is a must. Plus it's nice to change out of sneakers after a long day. There was one night where I felt I had run out of nice clothes that I wished I had packed a black maxi dress. For arrivals, I wore the BCBGen olive anorak, Gap black sweater, BR slouchy pants, and Asic sneakers. For departing, BCBGen olive anorak, All Saints black merino sweater, BR pants, and Del Toro black slippers. It amazes and horrifies me when I see people in stiletto heels and going barefoot through airport security. I can understand having to look a certain way upon arriving or leaving, but I would be in flats as soon as I'm in the airport. It reminds me of funny paparazzi pictures of Kim KW in full glam black out shades, fur, and heels and then later pictures show her barefoot in socks through the airport. So human just like the rest of us.

Beauty-wise I could have edited further. There was no need to pack most of the makeup and brushes I brought. But I am no beauty guru so my collection is minuscule so not a huge loss as far as space.

If you're still reading, thank you! I enjoy reading other people's packing methods. What are your packing strategies and essentials? What in-flight movies do you watch?


  1. I always find these posts so interesting to read.

    Packing for me depends on how long I'm staying in a place; most of my travel is for production, so I always skew for the more comfortable things I generally wear. I tend to overpack gym wear (I never manage to actually work out while traveling) and "event" shoes...there's usually one nice dinner out and at that point, I don't want to wear heels.

    Generally, to cover a four day stay I'll pack two pairs of jeans, a few white t-shirts, a lightweight jacket and scarf (for early or late shoots), sunglasses, a couple of pairs of tennis shoes, some dressier flats, a pair of boots, two sweaters, and a camisole. These usually get me through most situations I find myself in. If I'm staying longer, I'll tend to want to bring more with me. It's hard fighting the urge.

  2. looks like you had a really streamlined pack -- nicely done! seems like a nice mix of casual with chic, while being comfortable and sensible for travel. my travel "thing" is to under-pack just every so slightly. i'm always glad for the extra room (things expand while traveling) and for new purchases. i pre-pack using polyvore, a week or so before, while i'm watching TV at night. i have saved examples of my clothes and have a virtual closet of sorts, it makes it easy to see everything laid out on the screen with shoes, etc. and it makes it painless to edit and cut down when i'm not actually holding a favorite item in my hands while standing over the suitcase. :)

    1. so true about things expanding while traveling especially as the worn clothing starts to add up. I've tried to use polyvore for packing, but ultimately I still get in my closet and try things on--since I have to make combinations that I wouldn't make it at home.

  3. I have been traveling with budget airlines so much more lately so there's no in-flight entertainment other than the one I brought myself. So an iPad is a must for me. I downloaded some of netflix series and just watch away. Also I have learned the hard way the importance of noise cancelling headphones. That thing is as important as a passport to me now!

    I also really enjoy reading people's packing method so thank you for posting yours.

    My most revolutionary packing method is to always pack clothes in a packing cube. If you buy one that's very thin, there's zero to none loss of space. Also doing the 'military rolling' method for my clothes. I was able to save so much space in my backpack.

    1. I find the hum of the airplane sort of takes down the intensity of screaming babies. I can't sleep on an airplane anyway.

  4. I like that you try to make the swim/sleep wear or some of the layers as multi-functional as possible. I pack workout leggings for sleep/exercise but in a pinch it can be pants (with a long over shirt.)

    Shoes and outerwear I try to edit as much as possible, and I've been getting better at it. Scarves are the silent workhorses; I didn't think I'd need one in a tropical country but car rides and indoors can get cold because of AC.

    1. Workout leggings are versatile :) I always pack a scarf, less for warmth, but more for prayer. I like how even some airports offer prayer/meditation rooms in their terminals that fly more to middle eastern countries.
      I also use the hotel bathrobe as sleepwear too.

    2. Speaking of the airport-- I noticed that too when I came back from the Philippines. There are enough travelers coming through that the womens' stalls had feet washing areas. I thought it was great; I don't know if Los Angeles has quite caught up to that level.

  5. Nice packing list - I also try to pack things that can serve multiple purpose. I usually roll my clothes to save space and wrinkle them as little as possible which is also useful if I'm travelling for work purposes and bring some shirts with. I also leave some space for gifts and souvenirs but had to buy a solid suitcase to prevent myself to overpack :) The textile ones always tempted me to do so.

    1. So true that the textile luggage lend themselves better to packing more.

  6. Well done! It's a great feeling when you've cracked the travel packing formula for yourself. I have a horror of being too casual when travelling so if I have sleeveless tops, I prefer to make sure to pack at least one that has a collar. And I don't recall packing shorts since I was 12 yrs old lol! It's an extra challenge when you have the extreme changes of temperatures in the desert but it looks like you nailed it! Yes, definitely spare footwear .....

  7. Like you I accept that I can't wear ideal outfits all the time when I travel. I think that attitude makes packing a bit easier. I also try to pack fabrics that either wash/dry quickly, or don't need washing that often!

  8. I too travel carry-on only, it's the best for convenience and also if you're paranoid of losing luggage! I actually pack by outfit, I do the whole boy scount/army thing of rolling outfits into... a tight roll. I find that the simple Lanvin-type flats are great for travel, they don't take up much room, can be dressy enough if you need, and are comfy.


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