Monday, August 7, 2017

The French 5 Update and Indifference

HM Clutch
H&M makeup bag that reminds me of Gareth Pugh 

Ten years ago when I started Pret, I had such a passion for the art of getting dressed. The excitement over the new arrivals in stores—shopping in the boutiques of my favorite designers and owning a piece of their vision, painstakingly hunting down wholly grails, channeling moods or inspiration, and in turn sharing my style into the digital world. I put a lot of thought and effort into what I bought and wore—what the perfect jacket had to look like, what silhouettes flattered me, and taking items back and forth to alterations to get it right. But life evolves and naturally my style evolved with it.

Style for me has become less about catching a dream, and more about aligning with what is practical with my life. Maybe it’s the maturity of age about the “value of a dollar” with what my coin can buy instead. But also a pervasive life realization that this is it.. I predicted about this time, that this day would come when my priorities would shift. All that conscious effort I put into building and editing my wardrobe, I would reach that point where I have enough of enough. I’ve always lived a simple, solitary (boring) life in the suburbs—with the rare social outing—that I don’t have much occasion for a lot of my wardrobe. And for work, I’m in all black, and it’s not practical for me to wear anything too nice or too precious (it will get ruined).

Sometimes I ask myself: “shouldn’t I be shopping?” and I just can’t conjure up an excitement or emotion to it. I recently purchased a Rick Owens jacket and Baccarat ring—because What’s wrong with you? Don’t you want to celebrate? You should have SOMEthing? Don’t you collect  these things?---so I forced myself to make the clicks that translate into a purchase—and the box arrived, there was no twirling in front of the mirror, just a perfunctory try on, and off into the closet they went.

Nevertheless, despite my indifference to shopping, things still made their way into the wardrobe this year. And this is meant to be an update on how I’m doing with my French 5 Resolution of 20-25 pieces per year. I included basics into my count since a large chunk of my purchases in prior years were simple tees.

  1. BCBGeneration olive rain coat: my favorite buy of the year, it doesn’t show up in my rare outfit pictures, but I wear this every opportunity I get.
  2. Kenneth Cole red snake flats: I didn’t need these and they cut me up, so I avoid wearing them. They sure are pretty to look at though.
  3. Rick Owens Abito black dress
  4. H&M black cosmetic clutch:
  5. scarf from Jordan: I don’t like this one.
  6. scarf from Jordan: I like this one.
  7. Target (Who What Wear) black maxi dress: Another good buy because I wear this frequently.
  8. F21 black crossbody bag: I haven’t been compelled to buy a new bag for a few years now, but a need arose for a small, black, crossbody, and very inexpensive bag for work.
  9. Gap Body black wireless racerback bra
  10. Gap Body blue underwear
  11. Rick Owens jacket: I forced myself to buy it. It’s cool don’t get me wrong.
  12. Baccarat Tango scarabee tango ring: My enthusiasm for Baccarat has fizzled over the last several years, so if I do buy it's from the older collections.
  13. Gap Body bras and underwear:  **8/7 update** Just purchased another 2 rounds of Gap Body in-store and online, because when they telepathically answer your prayers and finally start making solid BLACK. You buy! Once again by the time I post something it's already out of date, yes, it's solid black shorties that break me out of indifference.

How do you feel about shopping this year? And life after a certain age?


  1. This year, I've been the most relaxed I've ever been with regards to shopping. Finally I can own my style and focus on that which has come about partly because of age. I think maybe I was born old! I don't seem to have some of the fears that middle aged people have - maybe it helps that I grew up in a culture that has a very positive regard towards 'old' age? It's a blessing and I count all mine everyday.

    1. "born old" yes I can relate--atleast personality wise. Physically, I am incredibly vain about aging.

  2. I think I'm over it now, and for reasons you mentioned. I'm much more practical about what will and won't work and honestly, it just isn't as fun anymore. Who knew the fervor would end?

    This Gap body collection is something I think I could get into, though. LOL

  3. And they're having a sale! I just spent two hours looking for undergarments yesterday and found nothing I liked. This is a goldmine. Thank you!

    1. I prefer to buy in person but the store vs. website have different sales/promos and I don't want to be THAT person in the store every other day. Or the store doesn't have my size/color in stock.

      Love Gap Body, their comfort and quality is ace but their selection is challenging. Their bras can be boring and their underwear is too..."charming" for my taste. I recommend the breathe line. Love them, when I saw they FINALLY made them in black, it was like a choir of angels descended.

  4. I might be in the same phase. After taking a break from blogging, it all feels silly, inconsequential and a waste of time.

    But I am hoping that its a phase that I shake out of ... because I dont want to give up on beauty. I am still keen on finding a way to talk about the craft without talking about consumption. I have a mission that I dont want to quit.

    1. Nothing you post is silly. I greatly enjoy your blog...and the community of commenters that participate as well. I love it there. :)

  5. I've always dipped in and out of being interested in fashion. For me it's my weight that dictates my enthusiasm. It's far more fun to get dressed when I feel good about that.

    1. sometimes our bodies betray us, it's good to have an arsenal of clothes for those times.


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