Monday, October 9, 2017

Style Interview with SA of Dear Beautiful World

Baccarat shattered tango
Thank you SA of Dear Beautiful World for featuring me as part of her interview series. Part I is up if you're interested in my love of black, Rick Owens, and the story of my shattered Baccarat ring.


  1. Great interview. I look forward to reading part 2.
    Such a shame about that ring. One would think they could either repair or replace it with the same one.

    1. It's crystal, like glass, once it breaks it's broken. Not their fault that I broke it. Somehow I got a unique ring that was not like the others.

  2. GREAT interview! Poor ring - guess what, I dropped my jade bangle onto the tiled floor of my bathroom and it broke too - I know your pain :-(

  3. What a lovely interview. I hear you on falling down the Rick rabbit hole, it can be like stepping into a whole world, rather than just a few pieces here and there. And I do love that Tango ring.


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