Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Style Snapshots: August - December 2017

 A few snapshots of what I've worn from August to December. Anything in bold was purchased this year.

3 Dots cardigan; Gap tee; Bvlgari ring; H&M pants; J.Crew sandals; vtg bag
Gap tee; Mango pants; Kenneth Cole shoes; vtg bag
Chanel sunglasses; Brooks Bros cardigan; Equipment blouse; Joes black wax jeans; Donald Pliner shoes; Vuitton bag

My beloved BCBGeneration coat that I wear A LOT.
Chanel sunglasses; BCBGen coat; All Saints sweater; Joe's black waxed jeans; Asic sneakers

Rick Owens jacket; Zara pants; Lesportsac bag; Brics trolley; velvet slippers
Rick Owens jacket, dress; Cartier & Baccarat rings; Vuitton bag
Gucci sunglasses; Rick Owens jacket; Who What Wear/Target dress; F21 bag

Switching to an all black work wardrobe in the second half of the year, during my downtime (if not serving a Morticia/Aaliyah/Rick Owens look) I found myself wearing color and pulling from the more American Classic/Gamine side of my wardrobe.


Do you wear different style genres or stick to one consistent style?


  1. I love seeing your round ups - love your consistency and style. That RO jacket is just fab! I've pretty much stuck to classic all the time.
    Hope you're having a great holiday season.

  2. That gold and black Rick Owens jacket is fantastic!

    I think most of my items, particularly on the casual wear side of my wardrobe, fit in with one kind of low-key look, maybe somewhere in-between the American Classic/Gamine looks you identified in your own wardrobe. There's a side of me that kind of wants to do the Eileen Fisher slouchier comfortable clothes thing, though I haven't bought in yet.

    1. I see nice to things from EF, but I just can't. I like to believe that I'm still young!! 😜

    2. Me too. I am not 'there' yet to wear EF head to toe. I do like them on the women they feature on the website, they look stunning.

      But their knits do look amazing. They have that certain texture in gray knits that is hard to find in natural fabrics.

  3. Love the BCBG jacket and the Rick Owens.
    I'm still trying to narrow down my style and have been reading more of the personal color and body-shape related sites to figure what's supposed to work and what may not. I think my color palette is very similar to yours---black, burgundy, white, navy, and recently I discovered dramatic collars works wonder for me after I got second hand trench coat that is tailored impeccably.

    1. If you can source fashion/style books written 10ish years ago, they were more helpful on body types and colors. Like the ones from Lucky, Instyle, etc...
      I think my skin tone is better suited to lighter color (esp. as I get older and my eye bags get bigger and darker), but darker or jewel tones is more suited to my personality so there's that. I'd feel silly wearing a lavender top now vs. 12 years ago.

  4. That BCBG coat looks amazing. I think I switch between two extremes, with tailoring and more streetwear stuff (albeit with no visible logos), all in black. I'd like to think that it looks coherent overall though, but I'm working on it.

    1. I think the more clothes get worn and lived in, they become cohertent regardless of genre. Atleast that's what I'm telling myself

  5. That Rick Owens metallic jacket is so amazing. Also, you have a great collection of slouchy but not too baggy pants - a surprisingly hard thing to find a pair that fits exactly right.
    - D

    1. Thank you. I have good luck at H&M for pants both for tailored and slouchy styles--no alterations required.


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